RD Dental College

De-Addiction Training Module - Level 1

2 -3 rd June 2022

TCC unit, Dept. Of OMR, VSPM DCRC designed an ‘add on course’ titled “DE-ADDICTION TRAINING MODULE” for interns of the institute on occasion of ‘World No Tobacco Day’. The module was conducted in association with Lifefirst – N Sekhsaria Foundation, Mumbai. First level module of this course was conducted on 2-3 June. Faculty for these two days module was Dr. Himanshu Gupte, Dr. Dinesh Jagiasi and Ratandeep Chawla from Lifefirst – N Sekhsaria Foundation. The module was introduced after formal online inauguration in presence of Dean, Vice Dean and faculty of VSPM DCRC. Pretest was conducted by the module faculty before session of on day 1. Day 1 sessions emphasized on introduction to tobacco use, products, prevalence and effects by Dr. Dinesh Jagiasi. Next session was conducted by Dr. Himanshu Gupte where he discussed about various laws around tobacco and reasons addictions. The sessions were interactive and it was interesting for interns to know about the facts about tobacco and its addiction. Day 2 sessions were conducted by Dr. Chawla and Dr. Jagiasi. Dr. Jagiasi took a recap session for Day 1 and interacted with interns about their perspective of counselling for de-addiction. Dr. Chawla discussed theoretical models of behaviour change and ways to deal with patients during deaddiction period. She also introduced the concepts of categorizing patients into stages of addictions, methods to deal with such patients and withdrawal symptoms. The session was well appreciated by all and was interactive. Post test was conducted at the end of the session and queries were addressed. CEO, N Sekhsaria Foundations, Ms Monique Kamat also joined day 2 sessions and shared her experience of working on deaddiction projects. The interns, post graduates and teaching staff were the participants for the event. Dr. Mukta Motwani, HOD, OMR concluded the module on day 2 and thanked speakers for their contributions for this add- on course. Dr. Tapasya Karemore, AP, OMR, suggested and took initiative for this MoU and hosted this online event. Dr. Usha Radke, Dean, congratulate team OMR for this success of the event.


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