RD Dental College

Dental Health Check-Up Camp at G. H. Raisoni Institute of Engineering and Technology, Nagpur


Department of Periodontics and Implantology, Ranjeet Deshmukh Dental College and Research Centre, Nagpur organized dental check-up camp on 22/12/2023 from 10 am to 3pm at G. H. Raisoni Institute of Engineering and Technology, Nagpur for teaching and non-teaching staff. The camp was conducted under the guidance ofDr.SurekhaRathod, Dr.NehaDespande and Dr.DhanashreeGhoderao.Post graduate students and interns assisted the staff were Dr.PalakKasliwal, Dr.ShefaliMangrolia, Dr.AmrutaVerma, Dr.VaishnaviBiradar, DevyaniLanjewar, Shreya Mandelwar, AkankshaKhadse, Arya Khandait, Rasika Mate, DhananjayNagulkar. The objective of the camp was providing comprehensive dental care and raising awareness about oral health. Over 350 teaching and non-teaching staff were examined in the camp. The activities encompassed initial screenings, detailed consultations, and explanation treatment modalities.Furthermore, interactive sessions were organized to educate the staff members about oral hygiene practices and the importance of regular check-ups. Based on the findings, recommendations were made to promote regular dental visits, enhance awareness about the detrimental effects of tobacco and facilitate community-based programs for underserved populations. The camp concluded successfully, emphasizing the significance of oral health, and fostering a proactive approach towards dental care within the community.


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