Past Activities 2019

DET Unit (PRIDE) Activities 2019

A Session on cyber safety awareness was conducted in collaboration with Nagpur Police on 7th jan 2019. PSI Mr. Jarodkar shared knowledge of various cyber crimes along with examples to deal with those situations with emphasis on role of Nagpur Police. The interns and second year BDS students were the audience for the program.

A ssession on innovative teaching practices by Dr Shubhada Gade was conducted on  12 Feb 2019. she explained the concept of integrated teaching, problem based learning and academic blueprint. Nearly 55 teaching staff participated in this lecture

A session on innovative teaching practices by Dr Nilofer Mujawar on 6th March 2019. She spoke on various interactive teaching techniques to make the routine large group teaching interesting for the students. She also explained the concept of mind mapping for the benefit of students so that they can retain and reproduce the knowledge efficiently. Nearly 40 teaching staff participated in this lecture.

A session on self directed learning was conducted for final year BDS students on 29 March 2019 by Dr Saee Deshpande and Dr Jaishree Chahande. Total 42 students attended this session. Dr Saee explained the concept and steps of SDL to the students and Dr Jaishree facilitated the hands on activity for the same.

A guest lecture by Dr Suresh Chari on 27th June 2019 was organized. He spoke on impact of the behavior of parents on the child.  He suggested and explained various parenting styles that were significantly related to a child’s subsequent mental health and well-being. It was a highly interactive session.

A interactive session on Systematic Review: A Beginner’s Guide was conducted by Dr Saee Deshpande on 10 June 2019. It was attended by total 35 participants including PGs and staff. Dr Saee Explained in details about what is systematic review, steps in its registration as well as various steps involved. It was well received by all participants.