Webinar on Health Informatics-The Blooming Arena for Dentistry

20th Feb 2021
Second programme was conducted on 20th February 2021. The guest lecture was delivered by Dr. Manjirideshmukh, Medical Data Analyst Vasta Bioinformatics Pvt Ltd, Navi Mumbai on topic titled Health Informatics-The Blooming Arena for Dentistry. Dr Manjiri highlighted the importance of bioinformatics in health research. The session was moderated by Dr. NupoorKokane, Sr. Lecturer, Department Of Public Health Dentistry. Rajesh RamdasjiKambe Dental College, Akola.Total 62 participants attended the programme on virtual platform. DrSudhirrawlani sr. lecturer department of public health dentistry hosted the session. Star performer of the specialty was declared by highlighting the important achievements of the star performer in the speciality. Dr. GargiNimbulkar was decleared as the star performer in the speciality. The programme ended with the vote of thanks by DrSushilNaik, lecturer,Dept of public Health Dentistry . Every staff member contributed towards the success of the programme.
Dr. Manjiri Deshmukh expressing her views on Health Informetics- The blooming arena for dentist
Moderator Dr Noopur Koane addressing the session

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