Students First, Alumni Forever


Alumni Association

Alumni is a group of students, who were once associated with the institute. Though the association does not end with the end of college life – It is a lifelong relationship.

The official name of the association is ‘VSPMDCRC Alumni Association Nagpur’.

Objectives of Alumni Association

  • To promote and perpetuate a close relationship between the institute and its alumni
  • To assist and support the VSPM DCRC in its prime purpose of educating the art and science of dentistry.
  • To maintain the highest ethical standards of the dental profession by inculcating in its graduate members an essence of learning and service to the community.
  • To act as a channel between dental educators, dental students and dental profession.
  • To help facilitate the transition of dental students into the practice of dentistry.
  • To serve as the formal Advisory Board to the Institute for Advanced Continuing Education.