Copyrights of VSPM

Sr no. Registration Number Name of applicant Title of work
1. L-63698/2016 1. Dr. Natasha Pajnigara 2. Dr. Abhay Kolte 3. Dr. Rajashri Kolte 4.Dr. Nilufer Pajnigara A comprehensive classification system for furcation involvement
2. L-75609/2018 1. Dr. Abhay Kolte 2.Dr. Dhawal Mody 3.Dr. Vrushali Lathiya 4. Dr. Rajashri Kolte VSPMS Radiographic scale for assessment of Schneiderian membrane

Patents of VSPM DCRC

Sr no. Patent application number Date of publication Title of research Name of the applicant
1. 201721016658 11/05/2017 A device used to measure intraoral dimensions required for implant placement Dr. Abhay Kolte Dr. Girish Bodhare
2. 201721045348 A 16/02/2018 Herbal decontamination of toothbrush (IDEA PATENT) Dr. Chetana Make
3 201721044968 A 05/01/2018 GP-HERBACARE(Equipment Patent) 1.     Dr. Chetana Makade 2.     Dr. Pratima Shenoi
4 20192101111 8 A 10/05/2019 Gypsum products in dentistry and its environmental hazards Dr. Pratima Shenoi Dr. Ramakrishna Shenoi Dr. Chetana Makade Dr. Purabi Edbor