Research Review Board / Research Advisory Committee

Designation Name of Member  
ChairpersonDr. Abhay P. KolteProfessor & HOD, Periodontics
Co-ChairpersonDr. Mukta MotwaniProfessor & HOD, O.D.M.R.
Member SecretaryDr. Kavita HotwaniSr. Lecturer, Pedodontics
MemberDr. Saee DeshpandeReader, Prosthodontic

The institution believes in a philosophy that research is not an imperative but a need; it also understands its role in catering to the appropriate environment for conduction of qualitative research. Various factors may restrain an individual from getting involved in the research. One of the major factors for lack of indulgence in research can be the financial expenses that the researcher needs to bear for the conduction of research. The address of this financial factor by the institute can encourage individuals towards engagement in research activities.

            To encourage and advocate scientific thinking in graduate, postgraduate students including teaching staff members of the institution through financial support, arousing the interest and impelling the research activities in the institute. Three years ago i.e. in 2016 the college management and administration perused on the need for research in the institute and the means and modalities were decided in the form of Research Policy which was prepared and implemented from January 2017. The policy included various research incentives for publication of research articles (In PubMed indexed/Non indexed journals), providing paid leave to attend conferences (National as well as International), reimbursement of conference registration fees and travel expenses and research grants to conduct research work within the institute. Initially, a sum of Rupees Seven lakhs was allocated as a budget for research activities. With the desired motivation which was provided by this research policy, there was an increase in the research activities conducted by the faculty members, Postgraduate students, and undergraduate students. Considering the enthusiasm amongst the faculty members the management of the institute was generous enough to increase the grants to rupees Ten lakhs in the subsequent year.

The proposals of research activities are submitted to the Research Committee/ Board of Research Studies of the institute which scrutinizes all the applications and their validity as per the guidelines of the research policy. The committee of experts analyzes the research protocols for the validity and practicality of the project. Appropriate funds are allocated to the qualifying research projects. The amount which is sanctioned is transferred to the bank account of the principal investigator. Funds are transferred in parts. After every 6-month principal investigator is asked to submit a progress report to the committee, which also includes the details of expenses according to the various heads. After its analysis remaining amount is released. This ensures the check on the utilization of funds and proper conduction of research.

The outcome of the research policy of VSPMDCRC

The success of the research policy is indeed shown by the number of applications every year.

YearApproved Applications For Publication GrantApproved Applications For Research GrantsApproved Applications For Conference Registration And Related ExpensesTotal Amount of grants disbursed (in Rupees)






National –       14

International-   4

Total – 2,92,662


Rs. 2,92,662





 Total – Rs. 3, 63,750


 Total –  Rs. 53,125

National –       23

International-   4

Total – Rs. 3,88,245

 Rs. 7,50,620





Total – Rs. 2, 87,300



Total-   Rs. 5000

National –       24

International-   5

Total- Rs. 5,26,547


Rs. 818847




Total-  1, 81,000




Rs. 5000

National –        37

International-  0

Total- Rs. 4, 96, 426