Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics, is endowed with committed, earnest and experienced faculty all of whom along with the student are devoted to providing holistic contemporary treatment to the community. A center of excellence is also being developed to acquaint and upskill the students about newer treatment modalities. Academically the department displays virtuosity in research with 238 publication and research work research, 2 books, the contribution of chapters in a book. Three patents are registered with Govt. of India on use of Herbs and reduction of environmental hazards.

AVISHKAR a prestigious all India research convention is held annually in all states to foster research & invention among postgraduates and staff. This department has won the first position Four consecutive years at the state level category and received a scholarship for the same. from MUHS. Dr. Ameya Paralikar and Dr. Swati Demble Pg Alumni have secured the second position in the Final MDS examination of the State Health University. The department has proudly accomplished 58 national prizes at various conferences and conventions. Department also holds a strong position at the international level through its representation at various conferences. The department hosted a PG alumni meet which was a successful mutual endeavor.

Department deals with all the treatments of teeth which alleviate pain due to pulp diseases and provide immediate solace to the patient. It also deals with the esthetic rehabilitation of the discolored, broken, mutilated teeth. Advanced endodontic treatment including micro-endodontics and regenerative therapy are also performed. Our department aims at creating and achieving excellence in the field of research and scientific development.


Dr. Pratima Shenoi

Professor & HOD

Dr. Rajesh Kubde


Dr. Chetna Makade

Associate Professor

Dr. Vandana Kokane

Associate Professor

Dr. Deepika Chandok

Associate Professor

Dr. Gautam Badole

Associate Professor

Dr. Mohit Gunwal

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Pratik Burad

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Ankita Ramteke

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Leena Bhede

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Aishwarya Akotkar

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Varsha Uttarwar


Dr. Vidya Mokhade


Dr. Snehal Sonarkar

Senior Lecturer

Department of Conservative dentistry and Endodontics

Departmental Achievments

  • Successfully organised An Advanced Endodontic workshop from 29th Jan to 31st Jan 2020. Dr.VivekHegde was the Speaker and the Mentor for the workshop. Total 8 candidates participated in workshop.
  • Successfully Organised Cons-Endo week by the Department from 1st -  6th March
  • Successfully organised an online learning scientific extravaganza “One Month One Hour- E-link fest 2020” from 1st July to 30th July 2020. 26 eminent speakers across the globe were invited to deliver lectures on various topics on Endodontics, Restorative Dentistry, Research protocols and Tips on healthy Mind and Body of Health care.
  • Successfully organised an online webinar on Heat of Pandemic, Metamorphosis of dentistry: Play it Safe by Dr.VivekHegde in collaboration with Infection Control Committee , VSPM’s DCRC on 9th Nov 2020
  • Total 10 books published by the department throughout the year 2020
  1. Contribution of Chapter in Textbook of Endodontics (EMMESS)
  2. Contribution of Chapter in Essentials of Preclinical of Conservative Dentistry (Wolters Kluwer)
  3. Recent advances in Armamentarium ofshaping & cleaning (Lambert Academic Publishing)
  4. Veneers (Lambert Academic Publishing)
  5. Adhesion to Tooth Structure (Lambert Academic Publishing)
  6. Restoration of Endodontically treated teeth (Lambert Academic Publishing)
  7. Vital Pulp Therapy (Sara Book Publication)
  8. Endo Perio Relationship (Lambert Academic Publishing)
  9. Dental Age Estimation in adults (Lambert Academic Publishing)
  10. Endodontic Retreatment - Success or Failure of Endodontic therapy (Kindle Publication)

Dr. Pratima Shenoi, Professor & Head of the Department

  • Publication- 79 publications in International and national journals. 13 in Pubmed journals
  • The national speaker in various Pg Convention, National Conferences, And Local Ida chapters
  • Registered 3 patents with GOIGypsum products in dentistry and its environmental hazards (2019), Herbal Decontamination of Toothbrush (Idea Patent) 2018, GP Herbacare (2018)
  • Contributed chapters to 11 textbooks
  • Examiner and paper setters at various universities all over India
  • Recognized as Ph.D. GUIDE in April 2017 and presently guiding 3Ph.D students
  • Chairperson for scientific sessions at various Pg conferences and conventions
  • Member of various committees and boards at various universities: Member of Local Inspection Committee, MUHS, Nashik., Member of the editorial team for a journal of conservative dentistry, Member of staff selection committee in MUHS, Board member of PG studies in DMIMS.
  • 4 radio talks in ArogyaDhyanSampada program on All India Radio have been broadcasted.
  • Awards: MUHS, Nashik Final year University topper 1990, 1STPrize at AVISHKAR 2015, MUHS Nashik, Best individual Performer Award at VSPMS, Annual AWARD 2015, Best individual Performer Award at VSPM’s Annual AWARD, 2014, Awarded as a National Faculty in International Dental students Congress 5.0 in 2020, Invited as a scientific moderator in 12th IFEA World Endodontic Online Congress 2020 & in Kaleidoscope- A Virtual conference organised by Department of conservative dentistry and Endodontics, Army College of Dental sciences in association with IACDE , 2020
  • Chairperson for 3- Days Online workshop for Phd Scholars, Organised by PhD Cell, VSPM Dental College & Research centre, Nagpur on 6th-9th Nov 2020Moderator for First MDS PG orientation program organised by IACDE on 30th Nov- 1st Dec 2020

Dr. Rajesh Kubde, Professor

  • Invited as a faculty to share the knowledge in Online Post Graduate Orientation Program 2020 held from 15th to 17th Oct 2020 by VSPM’s Dental College and Research centre, Nagpur
  • Participated as a judge for a scientific session at 2ndIACDE Zonal Conference (Zone 1) on 28th Nov 2019, Navi Mumbai
  • Scientific Paper presented at 2ndIACDE Zonal Conference (Zone 1) on 28th Nov 2019, Navi Mumbai
  • Paper presentation at 19thScientific Congress of APEC & 18th IACDE & IES PG Convention, Delhi
  • Chairperson at a scientific session at 17thICADE-IES PG CONVENTION, APRIL 2016, BHOPAL
  • Scientific paper presentation at 17thICADE-IES PG CONVENTION, APRIL 2016, BHOPAL
  • Participated as a judge for the poster competition at 30th IACDE & IES National Conference November 2015, Amritsar
  • Scientific paper presentation at 30th IACDE & IES National Conference November 2015, Amritsar
  • Chairperson for poster competition at National Endodontic Conference at Hyderabad 2013
  • The reviewer of the editorial board for the journal of conservative dentistry and endodontics
  • Participated as Judge for Scientific session at 62nd IDA National Conference, Nagpur in Feb’2009

Dr.Chetana Makade, Asso. Professor  

  • Invited as a faculty to share the knowledge in Online Post Graduate Orientation Program 2020 held from 15th to 17th Oct 2020 by VSPM’s Dental College and Research centre, Nagpur
  • “Advanced Certificate Course in Health Sciences Education Technology”, a project entitled “Clinical Evaluation of cavity preparations in III BDS students with and without the use of magnifying Loupes”, MUHS Pune.Jan-July 2016
  • Awarded Long term research grant (LTRG/2015-16/E-2/02) from MUHS, Nasik of 71,000/- for project titled “Generation of 3D Finite element model of the tooth using CBCT data and analysis of stress distribution of tooth with & without different dental restorative materials” August 2016.
  • MUHS faculty for 3 days Workshop on “Basic teachers training” and Research methodology.
  • Awarded 1stPrize at “AVISHKAR-2017” MUHS, Nasik Jan 2018.
  • Award by ACE-Nagpur for Outstanding contribution in the field of Conservative Dentistry &Endodontics, March 2019.
  • Guest Speaker for CDE & Hands-on workshop at Dr.Rajesh R Kambe Dental College & Hospital, Akola on” Composite Restorations-Transforming Black to Whites”25thMarch 2019.
  • Published 3 Patents in Official Journal of Patent Office, INDIA
  • GP HERBACARE (EQUIPMENT PATENT) (Application no.201721044968 A dated 05/01/2018)
  • Herbal Decontamination of TOOTHBRUSH (IDEA PATENT) (Application No.20721045348 dated 16/02/2018)
  • “Gypsum Products in Dentistry & its Environmental Hazards”(Application No.201921011448 A dated 10/05/2019

Dr.Vandana Kokane, Asso.Professor

  • Group Commander’s Commendation Card for NCC 96-97
  • Defense Secretary Commendation card for NCC 97-98
  • Most active IDA(Nagpur Branch) Female member 98-99
  • Co-ordinator- National Oral Health Conference for Dental Surgeons, Nagpur 2001
  • Judge for Scientific Session at 29thIACDE and 22nd IES National Conference, Jaipur 2014.
  • Paper presentation in Scientific Session at 29thIACDE and 22nd IES National Conference, Jaipur Dec 2014.
  • Paper presentation in Scientific Session at 30thIACDE and 23rd IES National Conference, Amritsar Nov
  • Chairperson at the CDE on Winning Edge held on 29thJan 2017
  • Paper presentation in 32ndIACDE & 25TH IES National conference Amritsar Nov 2017
  • Paper presentation in 33rdIACDE National conference Vijayawada 16-18 Nov 2018

Dr.Deepika Chandhok, Asso.Professor

  • Chief Author of BOOK ‘Conservative dentistry-Basics’ released by Hon. President of India Shri. PranabMukharjee and Hon. DCI President Dr. D Majumdar at RashtrapatiBhavan on 29th May 2017.
  • Chief reviewer of book ‘Grossman’s Endodontic Practice’- 14thEdition
  • Winner of INDIAN DENTAL DIVA AWARD- Academician of the year 2018
  • Chairperson of winning edge, 29th Jan 2017

Dr.Gautam Badole, Asso.Professor

  • Publication: 14 articles in Pubmed, 11in International and 1 National article.
  • Paper presented- 26thFODI & 19th IES National Conference, Delhi 2011-Comparative evaluation of cytotoxicity of root canal sealers: an in vitro study-
  • Paper presented-28th IACDE and 21stIES national conference, Hyderabad 2013. Unusual root canal configuration of Maxillary 1ST Molar – a rare case report.
  • Paper presented in 34thIACDE National conference Mumbai, 29thNov – 1st Dec 2019. Management of central incisor associated with periapical lesion fused with supernumerary root.
  • Member of the National Editorial and Reviewer Board of the “Indian Journal of Conservative and Endodontics”
  • Judge for PG scientific paper presentation in NIDACON 26thJan 2019
  • Guest lecture on Oral health during Con- Endo Celebration day 5thMarch 2019
  • Chairperson for ‘ Resto- Cons- 2019’ at GDCH, Nagpur 21stSept 2019.
  • Chairperson in NIDACON 26thJan 2019

Dr.Mohit Gunwal, Sr.Lecturer

  • Publication- 27 publications in International and national journals. 6 in Pubmed journal
  • Best Paper 3rdXi Fodi And Ies Convention May 2010 Bangalore.
  • Best Paper Xii Fodi And Ies Convention May 2011 Ahmadabad.
  • Best Research Paper InVspm Intercollegiate Scientific Meet.
  • Faculty For The Hands-On Course On Obturation At 3rd West Zone Pg Convention Held At Pune 2014.
  • Faculty Guest Lecture – Colgateindia 2015 – Dentin Hypersensitivity
  • Chairperson for The Scientific Session At 28th Iacde & 21st Ies National Conference, Hyderabad 2013.
  • Chairperson For The Scientific Session At 3 Rd West Zone Pg Convention Held At Pune 2014.

Dr. Pratik Burad, Sr.Lecturer

  • Publication: 4 in international journals with 1 book published in 2020.
  • Organized Guidance program on Basics of Endodontic treatment in Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics by Dr.AjitShaligram, DRRK Dental College, Akola January 2019
  • Course Coordinator and organizer of One day lecture and hands-on program ‘Posterior Composite Restoration- Transforming black to white in the Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics by Dr.ChetanaMakade, DRRK Dental College, Akola. March 2019
  • Poster presentation in 29thIACDE & 22nd IES National Conference. Jaipur, December 2014.
  • Guest lecture in one day Hands-on workshop on Advanced endodontics ‘Restoring roots for conserving tooth’. Nagpur September 2019.
  • Poster presentation in 30thIACDE & 23rd IES National Conference, Amritsar. November 2015
  • Paper presentation in Endovista, Terna Dental College, Navi Mumbai, February 2016
  • Paper presentation in 17thIACDE- IES PG Convention, People’s Dental College, Bhopal. April 2016

  Dr.Ankita D. Ramteke, Sr. Lecturer

  • Publication: 2 articles in international journal and 1 book published.
  • Scientific Poster presentation at 31thIACDE- 24rd IES PG National Conference, Kolkata
  • Scientific Poster presentation at IACDE, CONS & ENDO DAY. VPDC, SANGLI
  • Scientific paper at XIIth Annual Scientific Convention, VPDC, Sangli
  • Scientific paper presentation at 19thIACDE-IES National PG Convention, Gulbarga

Dr. Leena Bhede, Senior Lecturer

  • Have 2 Publication in International journals
  • Have one Publication in National Journal
  • Got sponsorship for Thesis in Post Graduate from World renowned Brasseler Company US
  • Have Done Paper Presentation in National Conferences State level.
  • Have done Poster Presentation in National and state level Conference
  • Have attended many National and State level conferences
  • Member of JCI Medico, Nagpur.

Dr. Aishwarya M. Akotkar, Sr. Lecturer

  • Publication: 1 article in international journal.
  • Scientific Poster presentation at 32nd IACDE and 25th IES national Conference, Ahmedabad
  • Scientific paper presentation at IACDE PG Convention 2019, Chandigarh.
  • Scientific paper presentation at Endovista 2019, Terna, Mumbai

Dr. Varsha. S.Uttarwar, Lecturer

  • Practical Co-ordinator for Muhs PG &UG exams for the last 5yrs.
  • KAP Custodian for Muhs Theory Assessment
  • Core committee member of VSPMs Mentorship Cell
  • Certificate of Poster presentation – Teacher – Scope of Dentistry, Maharashtra State Level Conference organized by Medical education trust unit NKPSIMS, 13thJan 2012
  • E-Poster presentation on 21st-century dental education: the right perspective held on 11thJan 2014
  • Paper presentation at Nidacon 2019 Nagpur, on Scope of Dentistry as perceived by fresh students of Dentistry.
  • Speaker at Interns Orientation Programme held on 24th-26thSept 2019, Topic-Gender Equity.
  • Speaker at Final BDS Orientation Programme Sept 2019 on Mentorship Programme.

Dr.Vidya Mokhade, Lecturer

  • Scientific Poster presentation – Scope of dentistry As presented by perceived by fresh students of dentistry KAP study – At Maharashtra State Level Conference organized by Medical education trust unit, NKPSIMS, 13thJan 2012
  • E –Poster presentation on 21st-century Dental Education: the right perspective held on 11thJan 2014
  • Awards Committee Member in Dhadkan 2017, AURA from 30thJanuary to 9th February 2017.
  • Participated in Cricket at Dhadkan 2017 Aura from 30thJanuary to 9th February 2017.
  • Participated in Tree Plantation, Glaucoma Awareness, and Dental Camp on the occasion of Cons-Endo Day on 5thMarch 2018.
  • Conducted Poster competition for 2nd-year students –SMILE- on 5thMarch 2019

Departmental Research is mainly focused on developing & comparing newer and better materials and techniques in the field of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics. With a wide arena of materials available today, it is important to appraise the further prospects and obstacles which it may pose.

Academically the department displays virtuosity in research with 238 publication and research work, 2 books, 2 chapters in a book and two patents. Thus the primary focus of the Department is to juxtapose the latest available materials and techniques to achieve a superior clinical outcome.


  • “GP HERB CARE” (equipment Patent) publication date 5/1/2018.Dr.Chetana Makade, Dr.Pratima Shenoi
  • Herbal decontamination of toothbrush (Idea Patent) publication date 16/02/2018.
    Dr.Chetana Makade,Dr.Pratima Shenoi

Inclusive innovations (AVISHKAR)

  • Herbal Disinfection of GP Cones 2nd Prize MUHS 2015.Dr.Chetana Makade
  • Reattachment of tooth fragment using different storage media 1st Prize MUHS 2016.Dr.Swati Demle
  • GP –Herbcare 1st Prize MUHS 2017.Dr.Chetana Makade
  • Gypsm Products and its environmental hazards, awareness among practitioners of Central India 1st Prize MUHS Ravishankar 2018,2nd Prize at state level Avishkar 2019.


Total Research projects completed to date: 180

Ongoing Research Projects: 22



Anterior Composite

Pre Treatment
Post Treatment

Direct Composite Veneer

Pre Treatment
Post Treatment

Fiber Post An Core

Pre Treatment
Intra Treatment
Post Treatment

Light Cure Gic (Abrasion)

Pre Treatment
Post Treatment

Micro Macro

Pre Treatment
Post Treatment


Pre Treatment
Intra Treatment
Post Treatment

Nonvital bleach

Pre Treatment
Post Treatment


Pre Treatment
Post Treatment


1 Silver Filling
2 Calcium Hydroxide With SAF
3 Cement Filling / Dressing
4 Calcium Hydroxide With GIC
5 Composite Filling Light Cure
6 Miracle Mix
7 Gold Filling (Inlay)
10 Pin Retained Amalgam/ Bonded Restoration
11 Giomer
12 Composite Laminates- Direct
13 Indirect Composite Restoration
14 Metal Crown
15 Porcelain Facing With Metal Backing
16 Full Ceramic Crown
17 Post And Core (Cast)
18 Fibre Post Core
19 Root Canal Treatment Conventional
20 Rotary RCT
21 Root Canal Treatment With Thermafil
22 Root Canal Treatment With Obtura (II)
23 Root Canal Treatment With Calamus
24 Regenerative Endodontics
25 Surgical Endodontics (Microscope)
26 Crown Lengthening Procedures
27 Home Bleaching (Micro – Macro Abrasion)
28 Vital Bleaching (Zoom)
29 Vital/ Non Vital Office Bleach
30 X – Ray