Analytical Skill Development

Target audience: Interns

Mode of Teaching: Technology-enhanced learning/ Blended learning

Faculty: Dr. Saee Deshpande, Dr. Jaishree Chahande, Dr. Akhil Rathi, Dr. Deepti Lambade

Structure of this program/module is as follows:

  • Didactic lectures on the concept of clinical decision‑making, a general protocol to be followed in the decision‑making process and its importance in prosthodontic practice
  • Group activities related to different ways of the decision‑
  • Design of software.

The cases included completely and partially edentulous patients requiring prosthodontic rehabilitation using tooth and/or implant-supported removable and/or fixed prostheses. Cases with acquired maxillary and mandibular defects were also included. A special emphasis was given to select cases, which required pre-prosthetic treatments by endodontics, periodontal therapy, surgery, and other specialties also. The intent was to train the students to make an interdisciplinary clinical decision and correct sequencing of the treatment.