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Eligibility criteria: Bachelor or Masters in Dentistry.


Various teaching learning methodologies are used to teach clinical skill to students in healthcare profession. The Communication skill is also one of the core clinical skills that can be taught and learned. It is also observed that good communication skills in medical practice are not innate, but can always be improved or enhanced periodically.

Evidence has already proved that patient centered communication results in better clinical outcomes, greater patient satisfaction and increase in perceived quality of care. Therefore, this two days course is designed to train post graduates of VSPMDCRC for communication skill (CS) enhancement and develop them as a competent dental health professionals.

The course content is designed to address all three domains viz; Affective, psychomotor and cognitive. Pre and post assessments during the course would help to build confidence and gauge the knowledge gained through the module. The course will be conducted via offline and online medium

Objectives of the Course:

At the end of this course participants will be able to (30 credits hours):
  • Describe CS, its components and factors affecting it.
  • Explain the importance of active listening.
  • Demonstrate patient counselling including breaking bad news.
  • Demonstrate conflict management with peers.

Course Concept and Design:

Dr Tapasya Karemore

AP and PG Guide
Dr Mukta Motwani

HOD, Prof. and PG Guide