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Dental education today must ensure that professionals are well equipped to deal with the challenges of tomorrow .In increasingly globalised scenario ,the way we educate our professionals will decide the future of our country.

Dental education strives to balance the use of traditional teaching methods with technologically advanced systems to meet the needs of an expanding curriculum. Primary goals include the development of a knowledge base for problem solving, fostering inquisitive mind and a critical appreciation of developments. Secondary goals include gaining knowledge of human behavior and skills in patient communication and management.

Educators are faced with many challenges like limited time for didactic and clinical coursework, limited clinical material ,so on..Therefore it is important that expectations of what can be achieved should be realistic but at the same time training should make clinicians who are able to manage problems in given situation and available resources and also adapt themselves to future demands of profession.

Thus the need to produce effective teachers, ones who are competent(have clinical knowledge and skills)as well as performers (able to impart the knowledge and skills to their pupils) also. So it was decided by Dean Dr Usha Radke, after consultations with management and senior faculty to form a Dental Education Technology (DET) Unit at VSPMDCRC to address these issues in a systematic manner.

  • Faculty development: training the teachers in framing objectives, selecting proper teaching learning methods, etc. Design and implement faculty development programme.
  • Conduct education related research: in the form of inquiry driven strategies in various aspects of medical education.
  • Serve as a resource centre: both for personnel and materials.
  • Continuing dental education: update the educators about latest happenings in the professional field.
  • Developing a system of assessment: constant revision of assessment system correlating with the objectives laid down in all three domains –knowledge, skills and attitude.
  • Developing communication links; with other institutions in India and abroad.
  • Instructional design: to provide guidelines for curriculum development and implement the changes effectively.


To create & sustain well trained faculty base and to encourage education related research for academic advancement.


To provide quality dental healthcare to community by excellence in dental education.

Date: 10th of July 2012

By Prof. Dr. Arun Jamkar - Vice Chancellor of Maharashtra University of Health Sciences Nashik in presence of Shri Ranjeetbabu Deshmukh (Chairman, VSPMAHE), Dr Ashish Deshmukh (Treasurer, VSPMAHE), Mr P K Banerjee (Secretary, VSPMAHE), Shri Dilip Bhagade (Project Director VSPMAHE), Dr Usha Radke (Dean- VSPMDCRC),Dr S R Shenoi (Vice Dean VSPMDCRC), Dr V K Hazare (Dean, GDC & H , Nagpur).

  • Three sessions on innovative teaching practices were conducted in the month of February, April and May. The topics discussed in the sessions were CBL, PBL, ECE, OSPE/C, DOPS and mini CEX. The teaching staff of VSPM attended the sessions and was motivated to practice such innovative teaching methodologies in their respective departments.

  • A one day presentation and training module was conducted on communication skills for non teaching staff of VSPM on 8 March 2016.

  • Two days “Resident as a Teacher” workshop was conducted on 17th- 18th March 2016 for post-graduate students of VSPM Dental College & Research Centre.

  • Three days Teacher’s training workshop (Basic) was conducted on 29,30 june-1 July 2016 for teaching staff of VSPM Dental College & Research Centre

  • (All the faculties who conducted the workshop were members of DET unit and were recognized by MUHS, Nashik)

  • A guest lecture by Prof Sumant Tekade was organized for all staff and students of VSPM Dental College & Research Centre on 12 Aug 2016. He spoke on time management and the talk was very well appreciated by the audience.
  • Three days Research Methodology workshop conducted for post-graduate students of VSPM Dental College & Research Centre on sept 2016.
    Faculty from Dept of PSM, GMC, Nagpur conducted this workshop.

  • VSPM Dental College has organized and celebrated first world bioethics day on 20th Oct 2016. Dr Aashish Bodhade gave a talk on Bioethics and Human rights. All the teaching staff and UG students attended the program which was well appreciated.
  • 3 Day Basic Course on Dental Education Technology
    Date: 28-10 August 2012
    Venue : VSPM’s DCRC, Nagpur.
    Inaugurated by Dr Shekhar Rajderkar (Pro-VC, MUHS Nashik) in presence of Dr Payal Bansal (Director MET Unit MUHS-Pune)
    No of Participants : 20

  • 3 Day Basic Workshop on Research Methodology
    Date : 22-25th April 2013
    Venue : VSPM’s DCRC, Nagpur.
    Conducted by MET Unit NKPSIMS , Dept. of PSM
    No of Participants: 40

  • Scientific Presentation by DET Mmbers for VSPM Faculty
    Date : 22-25th April 2013
    Venue : VSPM’s DCRC, Nagpur.
    Conducted by
    Dr Anjali Deshpande: standardization of PowerPoint presentation
    Dr Saee Deshpande : OSCE/OSPE
    Dr Dipti Lambade: MCQs : Item Analysis
  • State Level Conference on Dental Education Technology was organized with theme- 21st Century Dental Education: The Right Perspective on 11th January 2014, at Pride Hall, Annex Building VSPMDCRC, Nagpur

    Guest Speakers and their topics :
    Dr Arun Jamkar, Ho’ble VC-MUHS Nashik : Innovations in Education- University Perspective
    Dr Mansingh Pawar, Dean , GDC Mumbai : Challenges Of Modern Day Dental Education: do we learn what we need to practice..??
    Dr Suhasini Nagda , Dean , Nair Dental College And Hospital, Mumbai : Scope of Research in Dental Education
    Dr S Chari, Director MET Unit, NKPSIMS, Nagpur : Teacher As A Communicator: How much to innovate in teaching?
    Dr S Lele, Professor, Sinhgad DC, Pune : Newer Assessment Methods in Dental Education

Dr S Dasgupta Dean NKPSIMS was the guest of honor, a soveniour was also released at this event.
Participants : 107 dental faculties from colleges in Maharashtra participated in this conference.
e- poster competition received a very enthusiastic response with 26 entries from the participant colleges.

• Research methodology workshop was organized in association with dept. of PSM , NKPSIMS on 4-th August 2014. 25 postgraduate students from all departments of VSPMDCRC participated in this workshop.

• A one day workshop on Leadership for Academicians was organized under the Silver Jubilee Celebrations on 18th Nov 2014. Guest speaker was Dr Nagesh Rao, President Director of MICA, former faculty with IIM Ahmedabad.


• To increase the interactions between administrative and academic staff of all the institutes of NKPSIMS campus

• To improve the communication skills of consultants when dealing with patients

• To sensitize the staff regarding the importance of leadership qualities

• To improve the patient care and work satisfaction

Dr Amol Deshmukh, Secretary VAHE inaugurated the event in presence of Dr Usha Radke, Dean VSPMDCRC, Dr Suresh Cahri, Director MET Unit NKPSIMS, Dr Mukta Motwani, Org. Chairperson Dr Surekha Rathod, Org. Secretary and entire DET executive committee.

Total 55 participants including
1. Administrative staff from LMH,
2. Faculty from NKPSIMS,
3. Faculty from VSPMDCRC,
4. Faculty from Physiotherapy College &
5. Faculty from College of Nursing.

The overall feedback of the participants for the workshop was very positive and they expressed satisfaction towards their experience and knowledge gained through the same.

• Three days Research Methodology workshop conducted for post-graduate students of VSPM Dental College & Research Centre on 26TH- 28TH August 2015.

Faculty from Dept of PSM , NKPSIMS, Nagpur conducted this workshop.

• A guest lecture by Prof Sumant Tekade was organized for all staff and students of VSPM Dental College & Research Centre on 8th Sep 2015. He spoke on Leadership Qualities of Shivaji Maharaj which was very well appreciated by the audience.

• Two days Resident as a Teacher workshop was conducted on 26th- 27th Oct 2015 for post-graduate students of VSPM Dental College & Research Centre
All faculty were the members of DET unit recognized by MUHS, Nashik.

• Guest Lecture by Dr Vilas Deshpande (Joint Director Vivekanand Mission, Nagpur) on 12th January National Youth Day on Swami Vivekananda & Youth for Interns & PG students.

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