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Ms. Simran Marwah, Final BDS student guided by Dr. Saee Deshpande, Asso. Prof, P.G. Guide & Ph.D. Scholar, Dept. of Prosthodontics ICMR 2022 STS Report accepted and
Six students of Ranjeet Deshmukh Dental College and Research Centre, Nagpur Selected for ICMR Short Term Studentship (STS-2023) Research Scholarship worth Rs. 50,000/- on 14th August 2023-
Final BDS student, Ms. Devyani Sharma, guided by Dr. Rajashree Kolte, Professor, P.G. & Ph.D. Guide, Dept. of Periodontics and Implant Dentistry;
Third BDS students-
Ms. Bhoomi Khandelwal guided by Dr. Anuj Chandak, Reader, Ph.D. Scholar, Dept. of Prosthodontics;
Ms. Savi Jain guided by Dr. Vrushali Lathiya, Reader, Dept. of Periodontics and and Implant Dentistry
Ms. Durvi Sejpal guided by Dr. Richa Sahai, Sr. Lecturer, Dept. of Prosthodontics
Ms. Venus Kale guided by Dr. Jayashree Joshi; Lecturer, Dept. of Prosthodontics and
Ms. Sharvari Devikar guided by Dr. Kavita Hotwani, Reader, Dept. of Paediatrics and Preventive Dentistry.

14th August 2023

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