RD Dental College

Third BDS Orientation Program

31st March and 5th March 2021

An online orientation program for III BDS students organized on 31st march and 5th march 2021 at VSPM Dental College and Research Centre, Nagpur

Dr.Alka Dive Professor and Head of Deparment, of Oral Pathology and Chairperson of undergraduate cell gave the welcome address.Vice Dean Dr S.R Shenoi talked about efficient patient care and importance of patient management in clinical practice

Dr.Anuraag Choudhari Associate professor of Dept of Oral Daignosis Medicine and Radiology explained the “Infection control ”, and Dr Rahul Tekale Lecturer Dept of Prosthodontics spoke about “Management of Biomedical waste”. Dr Purva Chaudhari Associate professor in Dept of Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry explained the students “Ethics in dentistry” and Dr. Sweta Gandhi elaborated on the topic “Community skills.” Academic toppers were felicitated. Dr. Neena Dongre lecturer in Dept of Oral pathology conducted the program. A large number of parents with their wards attended the program. Dr Anita Kahar, Dr Vidya Mokhade, Dr Sangita Bhattacharya worked hard for the success of the program.
Dr. Anurag Choudhari explaining about Infection control
Dr. Purva Choudhari exprssing her views on Ethics in dentistry
Dr. Rahul Tekale discussing on a topic of Management of Biomedical waste
Dr. Sweta Gandhi sharing her views on topic of Community skills

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