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Webinar on Early Childhood Caries

22nd to 24th September 2020

The Department of Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry, VSPM DCRC, Nagpur conducted a webinar series on Early Childhood Caries (ECC) from 22nd Sept to 24th Sept 2020. The webinar consisted of three sessions by eminent speakers of pediatric dentistry. The inaugural was graced by the Dean Dr Usha Radke and the Vice Dean Dr S. R. Shenoi who appreciated the initiative taken by the department. Dr Devendra Nagpal, Head of the Department gave the inaugural address.

The first session on 22nd Sept 2020 was coordinated by Dr. Kavita Hotwani. The topic of this session was Early Childhood Caries-A different disease and the speaker, Dr. Muthu Murugan (Head, Centre for ECC Research, Chennai) enlightened about the uniqueness of the disease and how the approach to it has to take a paradigm shift for successful management.

The second session was coordinator being Dr. Sargam Sortey. The speaker for this session was Dr. Latha Anadakrishna (Assoc Dean PG, Prof. Faculty of Dental Science, MSRUAS Bangalore) who spoke about Dietary Behavior and Dental Caries: Matter of concern for the Pediatric Dentist. She shared her expertise on development of food preferences and diet habits and how to modulate to benefit the child.

The third session was coordinated by Dr. Gagandeep Lamba. Dr Meenakshi Kher an eminent clinician and a specialist in pediatric dentistry addressed the topic of Contemporary Protocols in the Clinical Management of Early Childhood Caries. She shared her expertise on Minimal Invasive Dentistry. She emphasiszed the use of Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) and resin infiltration technique as conservative and effective means of managing early carious lesions.

The sessions were moderated by Dr Ritesh Kalaskar, Professor and Head GDC, Dr. Sudhindra Baliga, Dean SPDC Wardha and Dr. Sadanand Kulkarni, Vice Dean SDK Dental College.

Each session was followed by question and answer session. The webinar was well received by attendees indicated by more than 500 registrations and more than 8000 viewers on online platform in 1st week itself.

Webinar Day 1- Inaugural and Lecture by Dr Muthu on Early Childhood Caries a Unique Disease
Webinar Day 2 Seesion by Dr Latha Anandakrishna on Dietery Behaviour and Dental Caries
Webinar Day 3 Dr Meenakshi Kher addressing Contemporary Protocols in Management of Early Childhood Caries

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