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27th January 2020 was an important day for the department of Orthodontics as after much effort, renowned Orthodontist Dr. Gauri Vichare joined our department as an adjunct professor. This was her first visit to the department after accepting the post. The day began with the VSPM’s Interdepartmental  Scientific Activity (VISA) presentation by the department of Orthodontics along with the Oral surgery department. An interesting case of canine impaction was presented in front of a packed audience. After the activity, Dean Dr. Usha Radke formally welcomed Dr. Vichare to our college.

After the welcome ceremony, Dr. Vichare enthralled the audience with her interactive lecture on “Excellence in finishing”. The post graduate students of the department of Orthodontics were awed by the cases shown by madam. Following the lecture, hands on session for placement of mini- implants at various sites for orthodontic anchorage was arranged. Dr. Vichare first reviewed the cases shortlisted by the pgs and then discussed the biomechanics pertinent to each case. One case was selected for live demonstration of implant placement in the anterior as well as palatal area.  The pgs as well as staff members were impressed by the ease with which Dr. Vichare placed both the implants.

The lecture and hands on session was attended by all the staff members, post graduates and some alumni of the department of Orthodontics. The audience was so engrossed in discussions with the adjunct professor that no one realized they had been interacting with madam for 5 full hours. At the end of the day the students requested madam to spend a few hours with them the next day to discuss various orthodontic cases and Dr. Vichare being a passionate teacher that she is, graciously accepted.

On the following day, the enthusiastic students were ready with their cases early in the morning. Madam spent nearly 4 hours discussing treatment plan and mechanics for various cases. She advised students to gain more knowledge regarding the nuances of diagnosis and treatment planning. Dr. Vichare was impressed by the analytical minds of some of the pg students and praised the department for catering to a variety of Orthodontic cases.

The students and staff of department of Orthodontics had a satisfying one and half day of rigorous Orthodontic discussions and are looking forward to Professor Vichare’s next visit.

Dr. Usha Shenoy
Professor& Head
Dept. of Orthodontics
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