RD Dental College

Gender Equity Women’s Day

ProgrammeDate : 09/03/2020

Theme : Gender Equity

Topic : Happiness in Life

Faculty : Dr. Mrs.Urmila Kshirsagar

Time : 11:00am to 12:30pm

Venue : Pride Hall

Participants : 128 Inclusive all teaching ,non-teaching staff & students

International Women’s Day was celebrated with overwhelming participation from teaching ,non-teaching staff & students with a theme of Gender equity .An innovative audio recording competition “expressions” was organized for all students & staff of institute where they expressed the role of one women who played an pivotal role of & made difference to their life. In all 20 participants sent their expressions to student’s representatives. Miss IramGazi, Dr. AnkitaRamteke& Dr. MohitGunwal were awarded as winner of the competition.

Dr.UrmilaKshirsagar, Medical practioner& renowned social activisit addressed the gathering on “Happiness in Life”.She guided with simple legendary examples on how to remain happy in all types of situations. The lecture was very well appreciated.

Dr.UshaRadke , Dean & Dr. S R Shenoi Vice Dean VSPMDCRC addressed the gathering & stressed role of women in strengthening the society. Dr. Manjusha Pradhan proposed vote of thanks.

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