HSET 2019-20

Planning study : a strategic way

An exclusive program to guide undergraduates for strategic study planning was designed and conducted by Dr Saee Deshmukh and Dr Tapasya Karemore on 13 July 2019 at VSPMDCRC. 72 undergraduates attended the program and benefitted from the various methods discussed. The speakers conducted two sessions that had contents based on identifying self learning style, importance of schedule for planning studies, finding resources and importance of practice tests.

I am a health professional : A Motivational talk

HSET unit organized a motivational talk for undergraduates and postgraduates on 12th Oct 2019. Dr Varsha Manekar, Asso. Prof., GDCH, Nagpur was a speaker for the event. She introduced her topic with a story of dedicated dental health professional and his aspects of positive and negative strokes of life. In the next sections she interacted with students about their views and motivated them through literature on success of dentistry, various role models and ways to deal with day to day life of a health professionals. 63 participants attended the talk and felt motivated through it.

ICT in dental education

HSET Unit of VSPMDCRC, Nagpur organized a three hour session on ICT in dental education which was conducted by Mr Prashant Joshi from Mind bloom technology. Nagpur, on 21 jan 2020. It was attended by 40 staff members from various departments. He spoke in length about various ways in which ICT can be deployed in routine teaching learning. He elaborated on many free to use softwares which can enhance the quality of education in routine set-up. The programme was well received by the audience.

Program outcomes and course outcomes in Dental Curriculum

One-day lecture on program outcomes and course outcomes in Dental Curriculum was organized by HSET Committee, VSPM DCRC on 3rd Feb 2020. The Speaker for the lecture was Dr. Gaurav V. Mishra, Dean, Interdisciplinary Sciences, SHPER and Associate Professor, Dept. of Radiology, JNMC. Opening remarks for the lecture and Introduction of Dr. Gaurav Mishra were given by Dr. Ananya Hazare. Dean VSPM DCRC Dr. Usha Radke welcomed Dr, Gaurav Mishra with a sapling this was followed by lamp lighting by all the dignitaries. Among the dignitaries were Dr. Usha Radke, Dean, VSPM DCRC, Dr. Ramkrishna Shenoi, Vice Dean , VSPM DCRC , Dr. Mukta Motwani, Chair Person HSET and Dr Gaurav Mishra. Lecture duration was around one hour and covered the topic of Program outcomes and course outcomes in dental curriculum in detail. The lecture was attended by all the teaching staff members (70) of VSPM DCRC.

E learning: the changing landscape of dental education

The Health Science Education Technology Unit (HSET) of VSPM Dental College and Research Centre, Nagpur conducted a faculty development workshop titled ‘E-Learning: changing landscape of dental education’ on 26th June 2020 on virtual platform. The programme was inaugurated by chief guest Dr. Jayant Palaskar, Dean, Faculty of Dentistry, MUHS, Nashik, Member of Senate, Academic council, BOS, MUHS Nashik, Professor and Head, Department of Prosthodontics, Sinhgad Dental college and hospital, Pune in presence of respected Dean, Dr.Usha Radke. The speakers were Dr Saee Deshpande and Dr Tapasya Karemore. 75 participants including Head of the departments and senior faculty members from various dental colleges across India attended the programme. During the workshop, the participants were sensitized and trained regarding various digital tools and techniques so that they can deliver optimum quality education during the prevailing pandemic situation. The topics discussed were, the need for change, Using technology in teaching – learning, e- Assessment using online tool and Strategies to enhance interactivity amongst students and teachers. The lecture was followed by Live Q and A session. The programme was well received under the able guidance of HSET coordinator Dr.Mukta Motwani.
Mr Prashant Joshi from Mind bloom technology. Nagpur, on 21 jan 2020 delivering a talk on ICT in dental education.
One-day lecture on program outcomes and course outcomes in Dental Curriculum on 3rd Feb 2020 by Dr. Gaurav V. Mishra