RD Dental College

Honesty in Disclosure:
  • I will be honest with my doctor & disclose my family/ medical history
Treatment Compliance:
  • I will be punctual for my appointments
  • I will do my best to comply with my doctor’s treatment plan
  • I will have realistic expectations from my doctor and his treatment
  • Inform and bring to the doctor’s notice if it has been difficult to understand any part of the treatment or of the existences of challenges in complying with the treatment.
  • I will display intent to participate intelligently in my medical care by actively involving myself in the prescribed do-at-home activities.
Intent for Health Promotion
  • I will do everything in my capacity to maintain healthy habits & routines that contribute to good health, and take responsibility for my health.
Transparency and Honesty
  • I will make a sincere effort to understand my therapies which include the medicines prescribed and their associated adverse effects and other compliances for effective treatment outcomes.
  • I will not ask for surreptitious bills and false certificates, and/or advocate forcefully by unlawful means to provide me with one.
  • If I am not happy, I will inform and discuss with my doctor.
  • I will report fraud and wrong-doing
  • I will be respecting the doctors and dental staff caring and treating me.
  • I will abide by the hospital / facility rules
  • I will bear the agreed expenses of the treatment that is explained to me in advance and pay my bills on time