About the course:
Tobacco is one of the most important risk factors for premature death globally. A vast quantity of scientific, clinical and epidemiological data shows that tobacco is and its carcinogenic pathways affects the oral and systemic health. Building an infrastructure in health systems that encourage and facilitate cessation and expanding the accessibility of treatments are necessary. Comprehensive tobacco control programs can significantly reduce the prevalence of tobacco use and hence it is necessary to train dental health professionals including undergraduates and postgraduates for deaddiction counselling.

TCC unit, Dept of OMR, VSPMDCRC designed a module (2 levels) titled “DE-ADDICTION TRAINING MODULE” for students of the institute.

This value added course is designed with the aim of enhancing counselling skills for de-addition among dental students through two modules. Level 1 module is designed to get familiar with the subject of tobacco and understand extent of use, associated effects of tobacco use. The objective is also to get familiar with the tobacco control, to know the reasons behind the tobacco use and different types of addictions. Students can attend the counselling sessions in the department by experienced faculty after level 1. In the next level, students will learn counselling methods through hands on and will do the counselling and maintain the follow up of enrolled individuals.